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Analysis Of Advantages Of JNCS Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Laser marking technology as a modern precision machining, and corrosion, electrical discharge machining, mechanical characterization, compared to the traditional processing methods such as print, has the following advantages:

1. Laser processing method, no processing with the workpiece in the role, with no contact, no cutting forces, the advantages of small heat-affected, ensuring the original precision of workpiece. Meanwhile, the applicability of the material can be on the surface of various materials to produce a very fine mark and durability is very good;

2. Laser control and time control is pretty good, on the processing of materials, shapes and degrees of freedom are large in size and processing environment, particularly suitable for automatic machining and special processing. And flexible processing methods, which can meet the needs of laboratory single design, can meet the requirements of industrial production;

3. Laser carved fine lines can reach millimeter to micrometer by laser marking technology tags made of imitation and changes are very difficult, extremely important for security products;

4. Laser processing system and computer numerical control technology can be efficiently automated processing equipment, can play a variety of words, symbols and designs, easy to use marking software design pattern, change the tag content to adapt to modern production high efficiency, fast paced requirements;

5. Laser processing is not pollution, is a clean and pollution-free high environmentally friendly processing technology;

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